Magnificent Dining Room Decorating Ideas For Valentine’s Day 40

20+ Magnificent Dining Room Decorating Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is almost here. The rat race in on to make this celebration the best one yet. Tearing your hair out, repeating – or rather screaming – the mantra: “What can I do for Valentines Day?” Fear not. Below is a “what to do for Valentines Day” list, from adrenaline-fuelled experiences to quality time in peace with the one you love.

Nothing shows your appreciation for someone more than bringing them a yummy breakfast in bed. What could be better than curling up nice and cosy with your lover, tucking into a delicious brunch? Make your valentine heart-shaped French toast with raspberry, chocolate and cream cheese or maybe they’d prefer a bog-standard fry-up with all the bells and whistles. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver to do it, either. If you’re no cordon bleu chef, plump for a gourmet hamper filled with their favourite foods.

“But what can I do on Valentines Day if I’m an adrenaline junkie?” we hear you scream. Get your hearts thumping on February 14th with an activity such as white water rafting or get up close and personal at 12,000 feet above earth and try a tandem skydive. You’ll definitely hold on to that special someone as tightly as possible when you give this a go. If you’d rather stay a little closer to the ground, there’s always paintballing or sphereing for two.

What can you do for Valentines Day? Why, take a picnic, of course! Considering the typical English weather, this isn’t always a first choice. That said, it’s definitely worth the risk. A picnic in the countryside, complete with wine and delicious delights is so simple to organise and ever-so romantic. You and your beloved will spend a few hours together with nothing but the birds and the bees to keep you company.

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