38 Vintage Industrial Yet Cute Kids Playroom Ideas

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38 Vintage Industrial Yet Cute Kids Playroom Ideas
38 Vintage Industrial Yet Cute Kids' Playroom Ideas Decoholic

38 Vintage Industrial Yet Cute Kids Playroom Ideas


Welcome to our blog post where we will be sharing 38 vintage industrial yet cute kids playroom ideas. If you are looking for inspiration to create a unique and stylish playroom for your children, you’ve come to the right place! Vintage industrial style is a popular trend that combines old-world charm with a touch of modernity, creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Let’s dive in and explore these creative ideas!

1. Industrial Lighting

Add an industrial touch to your kids’ playroom with unique lighting fixtures. Consider vintage pendant lights or industrial-style floor lamps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

2. Exposed Brick Walls

Giving the playroom an industrial look can be easily achieved by leaving the brick walls exposed. This adds texture and character to the space, creating a vintage vibe.

3. Vintage Furniture

Invest in vintage furniture pieces, such as distressed wooden tables and metal chairs, to create a retro look in the playroom. These pieces not only add style but also durability.

4. Creative Storage Solutions

Opt for vintage-inspired storage solutions like metal lockers or wooden crates. They not only provide ample storage space for toys and books but also add to the overall industrial aesthetic.

5. Chalkboard Walls

Paint one of the walls with chalkboard paint to encourage creativity and imagination. Kids can draw, write, and erase on the wall, making it a fun and interactive feature in the playroom.

6. Vintage Posters and Wall Art

Add some vintage charm to the playroom walls with framed posters or wall art featuring classic children’s illustrations or vintage-inspired prints.

7. Industrial Shelving

Install industrial-style shelves to display your children’s favorite toys, books, and collectibles. Opt for metal or reclaimed wood shelves for that vintage industrial look.

8. Vintage Rugs

Lay down vintage-inspired rugs to add warmth and comfort to the playroom. Look for rugs with distressed patterns or faded colors to enhance the vintage aesthetic.

9. DIY Projects

Get creative and involve your kids in DIY projects to customize their playroom. Repurpose old wooden crates into storage units or create a unique wall mural together.


Creating a vintage industrial yet cute playroom for your children is a fantastic way to combine style and functionality. With these 38 ideas, you can transform any space into a unique and inviting play area. Remember to involve your kids in the process and have fun while designing their dream playroom!

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