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20+ Astonishing Storage Ideas For Small Bathroom

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Whether you want a small bathroom storage unit or a few wall storage systems, creating more space for items to go in the restroom can be a challenge for many people since the choices seem endless. There are lots of different ways people may go about creating more space for items in their restrooms. Below is a list of ways individuals can improve the amount of space they have to place their restroom items along with how much each may cost:

Purchase a large rack to go over the toilet. These racks are usually free-standing and they go above the toilet. These can either be expensive or inexpensive depending on the type of material with which the rack is made.

A common method to improve the amount of space available for restroom items is to build shelves. The nice thing about shelves is that normally they can be placed anywhere in the room, they do not have to go above and around the toilet. Also, these are pretty inexpensive compared to other methods of creating space. The cost will depend on what kind of material the shelves you select are.

Depending on what you want to store in your restroom, installing cabinets, if they are not already there, above the sink is another good option. The problem with cabinets is you cannot put as many things in a cabinet as you might with a shelf or an open rack. Also, cabinets are usually more expensive and difficult to install than a rack or shelves. But, if you or your significant other is good with tools and household projects, this is a great option.

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