Inspiring Bathroom Decoration Ideas With Wooden Storage 40
Inspiring Bathroom Decoration Ideas With Wooden Storage 40

20+ Inspiring Bathroom Decoration Ideas With Wooden Storage

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Your bathroom is the place where you relax and unwind. It must be decorated and themed such that it emanates and warm, welcoming and calm feel. Clutter destroys the appeal of a bathroom. It also means that you spend a long time looking for something and end up frustrated rather than relaxed. This is where a bathroom wall storage cabinet can help you.

You can arrange different items like towels, tissue paper, razors, shaving foam, hair dryers, soaps, toothpaste, tooth brush, medicines etc neatly in a bathroom wall storage cabinet. Few points to keep in mind while buying or making a bathroom wall storage cabinet are the style, functionality, space factor and of course accessibility. Wall cabinets mounted over the sink or the toilet are easily accessible by adults. You can also place cabinets in corers or other pints along the wall. Just make sure that they can be accessed easily.

If you choose to place the cabinet over the sink, you can go in for vanity cabinets which come with mirrors on the door. If you prefer a more practical style, go in for the cabinets with glass doors. You can find cabinets with clear or foggy glass. Then, there are bathroom wall cabinets made by using stainless steel. These sometimes have mirrors in front. Some steel cabinets have doors made of brush metal or metal with matte finish. Traditional wooden cabinets are the most popular ones. They are made using woods like oak, mahogany, rosewood etc. You can also find ones made using less expensive hardwood. These wooden cabinets sometimes have nice patterns carved on to them. Some have fancy flowers and art work engraved while others have planar borders.

The size of the cabinet is also an important factor to consider. If you have lots of items to store and if your bathroom is quite large and spacious, go in for larger cabinets. The 36 inch cabinet works well for most bathrooms.

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