Marvelous Garden Border Ideas To Dress Up Your Landscape Edging 40

20+ Marvelous Garden Border Ideas To Dress Up Your Landscape Edging

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Having a garden in your backyard adds a refreshing dimension to your home’s outdoor space. Flower beds especially can serve to accent a yard and to give it color and vibrancy. In order to keep flower bed soil in place and to prevent lawn grass from growing on the flower bed soil, garden borders are needed. The idea behind using these borders, or garden bed edging, is to keep the flower beds and garden beds separate from the rest of the lawn, thus allowing the flowers and garden plants to grow on their own. Not only that, but garden borders and edging also serve to define a space. Borders work to accent a flower bed or garden. They give spaces their own specific look and place, thus adding to its aesthetic appeal.

But there is another practical reason for installing garden bed edging. If you’re planting a garden adjacent to your lawn, a sturdy garden edging will make it much easier to avoid damaging your garden when it comes time for mowing the lawn. These borders keep mower trimmers away from your flowers and garden plants. And, in addition to this, garden borders can serve for decorative purposes as well. A well built garden border made of sturdy material can be both practical and visually appealing.

There are a lot of styles of garden and flowerbed borders available. If your backyard landscaping is formal or modern, a more rigid, stone or wooden border might be best. If your backyard décor aims for informal or exotic, try more flowing, curved garden borders. One of the popular materials being used for garden borders is bamboo. Made with short bamboo poles, bamboo borders can be easy to arrange and move around and they can work very well to lend an outdoors space a tropical or exotic feel. You can even use borders within the flower bed or garden to separate different sections within the garden.

Using bamboo as building material for backyard décor projects is popular among homeowners looking to go green. Bamboo is one of the most renewable natural resources on the planet, and a healthy alternative to hardwood.

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