20+ Stunning Small Flower Gardens And Plants Ideas For Your Front Yard

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A flower garden is the place where flowers are grown in large quantities for decorative purposes. It is very important to maintain the flowers to bloom throughout the year by consistently monitoring the sequence of the flowers planted.

The flowers are seasonal and they bloom at different times of the year. Some of them die each winter. Hence, we have to take into consideration all these factors and try to maintain the bloom.

It is occasionally planned out in the combination of the other kinds of gardens like the herb garden. This result is dual advantage of the herbs, namely, assisting in the decorative function of the garden and the flowers are edible.

The most preferred combination of flowers used are perennial (i.e annual) and biennials. The annuals are self seeding plants and so a permanent flower bed is created and maintained in your garden. However, the biennials may not bloom until the next year.