Spectacular Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas That Feel Like A Vacation 37

20+ Spectacular Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas That Feel Like A Vacation

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When you want to redecorate your bathroom and give it a whole new look, you can get many bathroom design ideas in magazines and online. Here you will find the latest trends in designs for bathrooms and indeed for every room of the home. The trend today looks at transforming the bathroom of your home into a mini-spa where you can relax in comfort and soak away the aches and pains of the day.

The minimalist spa design uses straight lines drawing inspiration from nature. Gently flowing water into a jetted tub with walls covered in aromatic wood and floors of slate give the room an outdoor feel and look. The colors for the bathroom of this kind should be calm and neutral, such as soft beiges, whites and grays. The fixtures you use in this type of bathroom should be simple consisting of geometric shapes and low, sleek lines. They should not predominate the look of the room. Wall-mounted fittings that have few ornamentations are best.

Another design that is a popular in modern bathrooms is the use of bold colors. Fixtures for the bathroom cow come in an array of colors and designs that make a bold statement. Dark colors such as bleu green and red are dominant, but so are lighter shades of yellow and green. Sinks and tubs come in a variety of styles and the countertops are available in granite and marble to make the bathroom a true place of beauty and elegance.

If you have a vintage bathroom in which you want to keep the same fixtures and tub, you can still redecorate with the use of color. You can match the vintage style to the colors, but you do have to exercise caution in matching the colors. You have to make sure you utilize the space and not make the room look overcrowded. Placing dark and white colors together may not achieve your goal in redesign.

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