Adorable Fish Ponds Inspirations For Your Home 30

30+ Adorable Fish Ponds Inspirations For Your Home

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When you look into your backyard and you want to add something to basically make your backyard a little getaway for you and your wife, or you and your family, the popular thing today is to add a fish pond. Now you can build a fish pond multiple different ways, there isn’t two fish ponds that are alike. So you can customize it to your liking! Fish ponds bring that awe inspiring feature to your backyard. There are many types of fish and exotic plants you can choose from to make the fish pond your very own.

The most popular fish to have in your backyard pond is the koi. Koi are descendants of the Japanese carp. They grow to about 3 feet long and in some cases even longer. They hibernate in the winter so you don’t have to worry about them dying in between seasons. They do however need some room so if you are looking to have one of these beautiful fish you pond needs to be at least 4 feet deep with some shade. The koi love the water lilies and other exotic plants that give them shade and a place to hide.

Now that we talked about the popular fish what kind of pond should you build? Well, I love a pond that gives me that relaxation sound of a water fall. A nice winding stream that breaks into a waterfall is a great investment to your pond. According to the feng shui, stagnant water attracts negative not positive energy and creates an unhealthy environment. Once you pond is shaped we need to add some color to your pond! Plant it up! Now the plants you choose to go with all depend on where your pond is and which fish you are planning to have. But don’t worry there are a lot of plants to choose from!

I would consider contacting a professional pond building expert before taking on this task on your own. It does cost a chunk of change for this but it is definitely worth it if your looking for that perfect addition to your backyard. Once you have a pond you can just keep adding plants, fish, or other things to customize the pond and make it your very own! You can even look into breeding some popular fish to make some money back!!

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