Favorite Outdoor Rooms Ideas To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space 37
Favorite Outdoor Rooms Ideas To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space 37

30+ Favorite Outdoor Rooms Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

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As summer approaches, one of things people look forward to is spending more time relaxing outdoors. A little bit of sun is good for some vitamin D, but staying out in the sun all day long is just not that good for you. Too much sun can permanently damage your skin and lead to wrinkles down the road, or even worse, it can increase the likelihood of skin cancer. Make sure to wear a good sun screen, but shade is going to be the best way to protect yourself. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your yard or you have a patio without any shade, you should think about adding some shade to make your outdoor space more comfortable.

A lot of people get an outdoor table that has an umbrella coming out through a hole in the middle, which is fine if you are only going to be spending a small amount of time outside. I find that the sun will come in at angle and the umbrella only creates shade over a small portion of the table. The only time there is full shade is when the sun is directly overhead. A better option would be to have some shade that covers a bigger area and gives you the feel of an indoor room with a roof, but still maintains the feeling that you are outside. There a few easy ways to achieve this in your outdoor space.

The two best ways to create the feeling of an indoor living space in your yard or patio is to add a pergola or awning to create a structured source of shade. A great tip if you would like to add a pergola to your landscaping is to look for an aluminum pergola. Aluminum fares better in harsh weather and will never rust or succumb to pest infestation. Aluminum pergola kits are often quite cheap and are really a great alternative to traditional wood.

Pergolas are great because they create the bones of your outdoor room. You can then add other touches to complete your peaceful oasis. Add some comfy outdoor furniture such as chairs with ottomans or a padded lounger. There are patio furniture sets that come with tables and chairs together. After you get seating set up, you can get creative decorating with hanging or climbing plants. Pergolas are great for this because you grow vines up them or hang plants from the top.

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